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Organic wheat malt

Organic wheat malt

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If you want to make really good dough for your pizzas, you can use wheat malt flour. Then you add 10 grams of wheat malt per 1000 grams of regular flour (that's 1% of the flour amount), and you'll get a noticeably different result.

The malt creates a more complex taste. It's hard to describe, but simply put, the dough tastes better! Plus, adding malt often leads to a browner pizza crust, which looks really nice.

Wheat malt is produced by malting wheat grains. This process releases the wheat's natural sugars, creating a greater sweetness. The malt therefore also affects the fermentation process, where you can get airier edges due to greater fermentation.

To be completely honest, there are not huge differences between various wheat malts, but here you'll get an organic, high-quality product that's also relatively locally grown in Germany. You also avoid any weird additives.


Näringsdeklaration: (per 100 g)
Energy 1511 Kj / 358 Kcal
Fat 2.3g
Saturated fat 0.7g
Carbohydrate 69g
Of which sugars 8.3g
Protein 13.5g
Salt 0.01g
Fiber 11g
Protein 11g
Ingredients: Wheat malt
Ingredienser: Wheat malt
Contains GLUTEN

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