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Oven cloth for baking in the electric oven (home oven)

Oven cloth for baking in the electric oven (home oven)

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This is a must have for pizza baking in the home oven. In order for you to be able to slide the pizza in with a still round shape, you have to have an oven cloth like this, that's all.

It is easily used by first placing the rolled-out pizza dough on the baking sheet. Then distribute the tomato sauce and the other toppings you want. You then slide the pizza shovel under both the pizza and the cloth. Finally, slide the pizza together with the oven cloth onto the pizza stone, and you're done!

If you take a look at our half-baked YouTube video down here, you can see how we use this to get a perfectly round pizza every time in a regular oven, even when baking right next to the grill grate.

This particular one can be used around 100 times, as it is very durable. The maximum temperature it can withstand is 320 degrees, and it is 45 x 40 cm in size.

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Customer Reviews

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isabelle G.
Bra grej!

Funkar fint för att slippa degstrul och trasig pizza :)
Smidig att använda!

Pekka P.

Fungerar som lovat, utmärkt!