Collection: Tomatoes

In Naples, tomatoes are something extremely serious and not something to be joked about. You handle tomatoes just like we handle potatoes, it tastes like that and suits it and there it has the consistency, etc. We don't have that culture here at all, but lump everything together into more or less the same.

Below we have collected the most important tomatoes and maybe in the future we can develop and present more varieties, but for now we have to settle for kings and queens.

The king of tomatoes is, as many know today, the San Marzano tomato and it is also the one that is traditionally used on a Pizza Napoletana. The reason is that, in addition to the taste, it has the right texture. It has a softer flesh and is more runny and light than regular whole peeled mutti tomatoes, for example. It simply goes perfectly with, for example, a Pizza Margherita, which is a bit flabby.

The other tomatoes you can buy are exclusively the best of the best. To die for. Which tomatoes we sell here can vary from year to year as the quality changes. However, we will always sell Gustarosso as it is the world's most hardcore cooperative that we have known for a long time. They only work with 100% genuineness and honesty.