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Biscotti di Casapulla (for 400°+ oven)

Biscotti di Casapulla (for 400°+ oven)

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The stone is made by Fornace Saputo. They are the best in the world at producing refractory stones needed to bake pizza at temperatures above 400 degrees. Anyone who knows anything about anything knows about this.
The point is that the thermal conductivity of the material on which the pizza rests must be very precise. If you have a floor made of regular refractory stone that you buy in Sweden, you will burn the bottom of the pizza in no time. This is still perhaps the biggest secret of the Neapolitan pizza ovens and the secrecy is great. If you're going to bake good Neapolitan pizza at a high temperature, you can't escape. This is what applies.
If you want to adapt the dimensions of the stone to your oven, it is very easy. Just attach a diamond blade to an angle grinder and the sets can be cut like butter.

A little info on receipt of delivery, open it as soon as possible check that it is intact, should it be cracked take a good picture when it is in the box it was sent in, and email it to

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Rickard A.
Bra och snabb service

Välpaketerat o helt


Hel och fin vid leverans

Andreas H.
Wow vilka pizzor det blir!

Jag är mycket nöjd med dessa! De håller värmen bra och ger en perfekt yta!