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FAMAG Grilletta dough mixer with removable pot (delivery week 23)

FAMAG Grilletta dough mixer with removable pot (delivery week 23)

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This dough mixer from FAMAG is the best dough mixer for home use. Thats how it is. Among the nicest things about this mixer is that it works perfectly for all types of doughs, as it is very flexible.

It has 10 different speeds, which means it can knead really gently but also extremely quickly. If you work with indirect dough - such as biga - we would also say that a dough mixer of this quality is a must.

An ordinary mixer that most people have at home cannot come close to the gluten development you can get with FAMAG's fast settings. In other words, you can get the same result as the baker with this one, which is cool because you've always wondered why the bakery's rolls are so much fluffier than your own...

Is it expensive? Yes, but sometimes things are worth what they cost, which this one is. The fact that it looks good on the home front doesn't hurt either, and you'll get compliments :)

This version has a removable pot, which is good if you want to be able to reflect yourself in your shiny clean kitchenware.

  • Dough capacity: 5 kg
  • Number of speeds: 10
  • (M5/S/10V HH)
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