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Lilla Napoli

Fior di latte (como mozzarella), Ruocco - Agerola (248 SEK/kg)

Fior di latte (como mozzarella), Ruocco - Agerola (248 SEK/kg)

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Considered one of the world's best Fior di Latte. Many of the most prestigious pizzerias in Naples use Fior di Latte from Ruocco (Agerola).
We visited them for the first time 4 years ago and have since discussed how to solve quick freezing in order to maintain quality. Now the matter is resolved so now we can sell it.
Fior di Latten is more delicate than the one from Sorrentina so you should keep that in mind when you buy it. It should be used a few days after thawing (it is shipped frozen and will be thawed upon delivery).
We exclusively use this Fior di Latte for our Margherita. You don't have to be a professional to taste the difference between other Fior di Latte in the world and this one. The taste is very prominent so prepare for a surprise if you have only had ICA fior di latte before!
In any case, if you want to try what the best pizzerias in Naples use, you have to try this :)

cf: SEK 248/kg

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