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Lilla Napoli

La Collina Blu

La Collina Blu

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This is one of the oils that we currently use at the pizzeria. We change from year to year, but two seasons in a row this one has been included. A bit of fun is that the oil is produced by Åsa Johansson, who has settled in Tuscany. We ourselves really only go by how good and balanced the oil is, but it must be said that Åsa is a perfectionist and does everything right with her oil. "Picks" the olives from the fallow at correct ripeness, quickly into the press, correct pressing method yes you name it and she does it. 100% transparency and honesty apply here.
Oil itself is relatively elegant and smooth at the start with a pleasant pepperiness at the end. Keeping explaining is just tough so you just have to try.
We only use this oil when we dress pizzas after they come out of the oven so that it does not lose its elegance.

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