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Lilla Napoli

Vigevano Tramonti Oro

Vigevano Tramonti Oro

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hello hello,
Almost a little shameful that this flour costs so much but we put the same amount on all the flours we repackage so we have to blame the producer of the flour here:) The point is that we don't make more even if it is more expensive.
In any case, we often use this flour at the moment in 50/50 to 30/70 mixtures with other flours. The results have been amazingly good, so even if it costs a penny extra, it's worth trying anyway.
The flour is actually intended for big doughs, but we follow our usual recipe in a big way. This flour absorbs a little less water than Caputo pizzeria. about 1-2% less so you think about it.
This is the flour intended for biga, which in our opinion gives the least chewy dough in the end if you make regular direct dough. Which we like.

W 330-360

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