Allt om olivolja på pizza

Everything about olive oil on pizza

Most people probably have a decent understanding of olive oil, but as it's something many overlook on pizza, we felt a mini-guide was needed.

A really good olive oil can be used with many dishes, but according to us, it's particularly nice on pizza. This is where you'll get to read about what we look for in a good olive oil and what olive oils we sell.

Olive oil on pizza 101

For some, olive oil on pizza might be an unknown concept - we're not really sure. However, it's super tasty and something everyone should try at least once.

One thing that might be good to distinguish is olive oil before and after the pizza is baked. We usually go for both, but you can use a simpler oil before the pizza goes into the oven.

When you use olive oil before baking, you get the delicious flavor from the start, along with other benefits like even cooking and slight moistness, etc. However, the main reason for us is simply that it tastes good :)

When the pizza is done, we usually also "dress" it with a really good olive oil. Adding olive oil after baking is important since more of the flavor is preserved. No need to further explain why olive oil is so good on pizza, right? The flavors harmonize…

What kind of olive oil to look for

Perhaps there's nothing we despise more than olive oil with that industrial aftertaste. Ugh, really. To avoid this trauma, you need to find a certain class of olive oil. With a poor olive oil, it's just a matter of bidding farewell to the pizza, so of course, it's something to avoid.

Once you have reached the necessary level of quality, it's much up to personal taste. For us, the most important aspect is the balance in the oil. We don't particularly focus on things like aroma; the only thing that really matters is that it makes you think: wow, what a good olive oil. No more, no less.

Different types of olive oils

Extra virgin or nothing

We don't need to delve into the exact production process of extra virgin oil, suffice to say that it's how olive oil should be made. Simply put, no strange chemicals are used and the temperature is kept low.

Extra virgin oil is the highest quality of olive oil, and it tastes the best. Furthermore, it's a nice bonus that it's also the healthiest type of olive oil. Did you know that quite a few people (we think, at least?) suggest that olive oil is among the healthiest fats available?

Difference in peppery taste  

If you look at olive oil from Naples, it is often very peppery in flavor, even if it is marked as mild. In Italy, olive oils are divided into Fruttato Leggero (mild), Fruttato Medio (medium) and Fruttato Intenso (intense).

Since we don't want too much peppery taste, we usually use olive oil from other regions in Italy than Naples. This allows us to get a more elegant and milder oil that we think tastes better. Of course, all the olive oils that we sell are frighteningly tasty and well-balanced :)

Lilla Napoli's olive oils 

Olive oil “Fruttato Leggero” - Fam

Fam is one of our absolute favorite producers when it comes to oils. For the last two years, we've been using their Fruttato Leggero on our pizzas before they go into the oven.

This olive oil is of the milder kind, which suits well before the pizza is baked as it doesn't overtake the taste, but still tastes good. Although, compared to store-bought oil, it does have a fair bit of punch - it is Italian, after all.

Moreover, this oil is of a really high standard and it has never let us down. Elegant, well-balanced, and everything you could want.

Olive oil “Ravece” - Fam

If you want a premium olive oil with a

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