Tomatsås till pizza - Lilla Napolis recept

Tomato sauce for pizza - Lilla Napoli's recipe

A good recipe for tomato sauce for pizza is of course something we have to share, and here we will tell you exactly how to make our Neapolitan tomato sauce. You can hardly call it "our" recipe because it's so simple, but let's do it.

This is the tomato sauce we use at the pizzeria, and it's really simple to make. When it comes to tomato sauce for pizza, we believe in simplicity. Therefore, we only use tomatoes and salt.

NOTE: The recipe may be almost too simple, but you have to have really good tomatoes :)

Lilla Napoli's recipes for tomato sauce for pizza


  • Really good San Marzano tomatoes (whole tomatoes)
  • Salt

How to make it:

  1. Take out the San Marzano tomatoes and pour the entire contents of the tomato can into a bowl.

  2. Crush the tomatoes with your hands until there are no whole tomatoes left. You don't need to be too precise, in fact, it's nice when you can see the difference between the tomato flesh and the tomato juice (we think so). At the same time as you crush, you remove all green and white hard parts.

  3. When you've crushed the tomatoes, add salt following this formula: the weight of the tomatoes multiplied by 0.008. So if you have a tomato can of 400 grams, you add 3 grams of salt. When you taste the sauce, it should taste a bit salty, otherwise, you need to add more.

  4. Voilà, you're done! It's that simple. No "cooking" of the tomato sauce is needed because it's done in the oven anyway. You don't need to cook things twice. Remember not to store the sauce for more than 24 hours as it doesn't keep the taste very well after that. Feel free to test but we advise against it.

Choose the right tomatoes for the tomato sauce (San Marzano) 

As mentioned, we use only tomato and salt in our tomato sauce. No fancy stuff, just pure, good ingredients. We do this a bit spartanly because we think the goodness of the tomatoes should speak for itself.

Of course, no need for sugar or such nonsense because good tomatoes are sweet enough… If you have bad tomatoes you might need a lot of other stuff in the tomato sauce, but we don't want to try that :)

For tomato sauce for pizza, you should use San Marzano tomatoes if you want the best. Here are two of our absolute favorites, which you can definitely make a fantastic tomato sauce for pizza with.

Gustarosso San Marzano

Gustarosso's San Marzano tomatoes we have used for a long time, simply because they are so darn good. Really good, nice ripeness, good acidity, lovely sweetness, right consistency - they do everything well.

In addition, we try out for ourselves which picking date and which field we like most at each Gustarosso harvest, so that we get tomatoes that are as good as possible. These are the tomatoes we

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