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Gustarosso San Marzano

Gustarosso San Marzano

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The tomatoes that are in Gustarosso's cans are from now on and in the future selected by us on the spot. We go down at each harvest and select which picking date had the best date in our opinion. We also choose which field the tomatoes come from. The tomatoes we chose this year come from a field in the middle of Sarno and are harvested on July 27. This year we chose a date at the beginning of the harvest season as it has been a very hot year in Naples. On the back you can see lots. number and if you see our logo, you know that the tomatoes are chosen by us personally.
What we are looking for in the Tomatoes is simple. Full ripeness but with retained acidity. That's it.

We love Gustarosso in general and especially what they stand for. The company is a cooperative owned by the farmers themselves and they are incredibly quality oriented.

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