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Infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometer

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An IR thermometer might not be super exciting, but god, it makes the job so much easier with a good one. The most crucial feature of a good IR thermometer like this one is that the laser is clearly visible even in bright light, which this one does. 

When you're baking pizza, you need to know when the floor is fit for fight so to speak, and for that, you need an IR thermometer. You also need a thermometer that can handle high temperatures of at least 550 degrees. This one measures from -30 up to 850 degrees, and it's very precise, so nothing to worry about here!

Something that's great about it being able to handle such high temperatures is that you can measure everywhere in the oven, including the ceiling and other parts. Why we want to know the temperatures everywhere is a good question, but the answer might be that we just hate question marks...

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