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Lilla Napoli

Lilla Napoli aluminium peels

Lilla Napoli aluminium peels

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We believe that aluminium pizza peels have been too expensive. Therefore, we have developed our own which is not expensive. Not harder than that. We use peels that we have designed ourselves as they are as good as anything else but cheaper. As for the slide, there are no miracle cures among the aluminium paddles on the market. The only difference to ours and many others is that ours are hard anodized and last better. Therefore, the spade itself is grayish and not silvery. This coating simply lasts better than regular anodizing. The glide is not significantly different. You would like to write that ours have a special coating that increases the slip by 15%, but that would just be bullshit :) Most of the well-known brands that exist perform equivalently according to our experience.

For each peel we send with an extra cap for the handle. If you want to shorten your spade, you just saw off with a hacksaw and insert the extra end with a little glue, it takes 5 minutes. Voilà
Therefore, it is often better to buy a shovel that is too long than one that is too short.

The length measurements above include shaft and shovel.


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