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Pizza Peel for Ooni

Pizza Peel for Ooni

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We've designed this pizza peel specifically to fit Ooni ovens measuring 12 inches; that is, ovens with approximately a 30 cm wide opening. We chose to make these because those we've seen on the market were either too expensive or simply not good enough.

Wooden pizza peels may need some breaking in to reach their full potential, but once they do, nothing beats them. There's probably nothing more to say other than this one feels nice in the hand and does the job well. And the fact that it doesn't cost a lot doesn't hurt.

It comes with a bit of sandpaper for polishing the peel until it becomes really slick on its own. This is a must for maximum slide and the easiest pizza baking. Of course, it's also Made in Falkenberg.


  • Length: 70 cm
  • Width: 31.4 cm 
  • Handle length: 38 cm
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