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Rain gauge for measuring fermentation

Rain gauge for measuring fermentation

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We often talk about “rising to double size”. But how do you know when that happens? Yes, it's damn difficult to say unless you have a good measure like this one. In our book, we describe how using such a rain gauge, you put a piece of dough in the tube and simply watch it grow. Since there are clear boundaries, you know exactly when the dough has doubled in size.

This is undoubtedly one of our must-have tools, which we have used since day one and will never abandon. Something exciting about these rain gauges is that they are manufactured by Nyby in none other than the plastic paradise Småland, instead of China. This was, of course, something we needed to promote. 

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Customer Reviews

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Nicklas F.

Nördig vid en första anblick. Fördelen med att mäta är att man lära sig och förändra om degen inte skulle bli vad man önskade sig. Gjorde precis som det stod i era. Pizzabok. Fick direkt en kanon deg.

Henrik B.

Suveränt mjöl som ger seghet och napoletansk smak. Fior di latte - mmm… definitivt värt pengarna. Tack för att ni finns.

Fredrik A.

Funkar som tänkt