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Little Napoli turning peel

Little Napoli turning peel

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Just like with pizza peels, we think turning peels have been too expensive on the market. Especially if it is only to be used in a home environment. A little sheet metal and aluminium shouldn't be that expensive, right? For this reason, we have produced this peel with a 20 cm diameter disc, which is what we ourselves use. For home use, it is better, as in this case, to have the peel itself in aluminium to reduce the weight. On these shovels we have used hard anodized aluminium for longer durability

Actually, turning peels are not strange and most of them on the market work fine. However, they have been too expensive, as I said so you're welcome.

We think 20 cm in diameter works on both small and large pizzas and that's what we always use. Bigger than that often becomes too heavy in the long run. Smaller is too small if the pizza goes up and noses at 30cm+.

These peel can be shortened with a saw, drill and screwdriver. Easy pizzzyyy

The length measurements above include both peel and handle

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