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Pecorino Romano DOP, Lacesa 200g (390 SEK/kg)

Pecorino Romano DOP, Lacesa 200g (390 SEK/kg)

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(kylvaror skickas mån-ons)


This is the Pecorino Romano that we use on the pizza. Of course, we also use it when we make pasta in the style of Carbonara and Cacio e Pepe. This is a Pecorino from one of Sardinia's absolute top producers and even if it is a little more luxurious than ordinary junk pecorino, the difference is so great that it clearly shines through even on the pizza.
The reason we have this particular one is because we think it's the best and doesn't stand out in any direction. Simply balanced. For us that is :)
A stable tip is to stay far away from ready-grated pecorino because it really is chaos.


cf: SEK 390/kg

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