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Salami Cacciatore Eco - Pedrazzoli

Salami Cacciatore Eco - Pedrazzoli

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The Salame Cacciatioren from Pedrazzoli is simply a really good salami that tastes as it should. Pedrazzoli is a well-known Italian producer with only organic pigs that have a good time, which of course we are happy to support.

Salami is relatively mild and sweet but still with the typical salami taste everyone knows about. There is nothing to complain about the current consistency either...

A salami like this can be used for many things, such as pasta and various sandwiches. However, it is not for pizza. Salami is ruby ​​red and generally really pretty if you ask us, so of course it also goes well with a nice charcuterie tray :)


Näringsdeklaration: NUTRITIONAL VALUES (Average values ​​per 100g):
Energy: 363Kcal/1540kJ
Fats: 29g
of which saturated fatty acids 13g
Carbohydrates 0.4g
of which sugars 0g
Proteins: 24g
Salt (NaCl): 3.6g
Ingredienser: Pork, salt, sugar, spices.

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Madeleine S.

Lite mild men god!