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FAMAG Grilletta dough mixer 5 kg with fixed pot

FAMAG Grilletta dough mixer 5 kg with fixed pot

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Best dough mixer for home use and thus basta. Machine is the same as the one with removable pot. The only difference is precisely that the pot cannot be detached. So how important is it then to get the pot off when you have to clean? If you want everything to be perfectly shiny, then yes, it is good to be able to detach it, but you should know that 99% of all professional dough mixers do not have a removable pot and you can still manage just fine.
The machine is suitable for all types of dough as it is so flexible and has 10 different speeds. It can knead gently but it can also knead quickly with a gluten development that you can never get close to with a household assistant. You can get exactly the same results as the baker simply. If you wondered how the bakery can get such airy rolls, you have the answer here.
If you want to work with indirect pizza dough (biga), you don't have many options in our opinion either.
The fact that it is beautiful justifies the purchase on the home front with.......

5 kg dough capacity
10 speeds

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