Collection: Pasta

All our pasta comes from the Gragnano region, just south of Naples. This is where dry pasta was born, and at least there, it's still considered the best :)

There are many good pasta makers around Gragnano, but we chose to sell pasta from Il Mulino di Gragnano. We picked them because they’re a smaller producer who shares our philosophies and quirks about most things. A cool place we love to hang out at.

Their love for craftsmanship reflects in the pasta, and of course, they have a thorough understanding of every step in the production - from grain to pasta, so to speak. We think Il Mulino’s pasta is the best we’ve tasted from Gragnano, and like with most things, we've tried a lot.

Another advantage of Il Mulino is their nice packaging. Super stylish, durable, and easy to open and close. No more pasta all over the cupboard.

A fun fact is that Gragnano is also the birthplace of the hot sandwich. Imagine being so inventive in the same place to come up with both hot sandwiches and macaroni… Pure success.

NOTE: Must add that all the pasta we sell is without ridges!!! Pasta with ridges can never be perfectly evenly cooked, as it’s thicker in some places and thinner in others. Il Mulino’s pasta is so awesome that it soaks up sauce better than a magnet even without ridges.