Collection: Olive Oil

We really dislike olive oil with an industrial aftertaste. To avoid this, you need to go for quality. That's the simple truth.

A bad oil on a Margherita, for example, can ruin it completely. So here, you'll only find top-quality oils, just like everything else in our shop.

At this level, it's a lot about personal taste. But we try many oils each year, so we can still give good recommendations :)

For us, balance is key in a good olive oil. Whether it smells like grass, tomato vines, or something else isn't as important. It's all about the first impression—if it tastes good, it's good. And that holds true whether it's mild, medium-peppery, or peppery.

In Italy, oils are often categorized as Fruttato Leggero (mild flavor), Fruttato Medio (medium flavor), and Fruttato Intenso (intense flavor). We're just sharing our opinions on taste here, not the producer's.

In Naples, oils are often quite peppery, even if they call them mild. That's why our olive oils often come from other places in Italy, where olives are grown for more elegant and mild oils.

All our oils come from small-scale producers who follow traditional methods. Since we import the oils ourselves and keep margins low, they're also quite affordable for you. Nice, right?