Collection: Pizza peels

A good pizza peel is essential for Neapolitan pizza. A bad peel makes every pizza a hassle, and the result can be worse if you don’t get the pizza in the oven right. We use aluminum peels at our pizzeria because they are more durable. But they don't necessarily have to be better! We used to always use wood.

Wooden peels slide better when broken in, and they work well even with a bit of moisture from tomato sauce or similar. At the restaurant, or during events, we use aluminum peels because they don’t warp from moisture and are simply more durable. A pizza peel gets worn out when you’re sliding in hundreds of pizzas per day... Wooden peels require a bit more care.

Do you need any other oven tools besides pizza peels and turning peels for Neapolitan pizza? No, you don’t. You can easily remove ash with the turning peel, and clean the oven floor with a damp cloth wrapped around the peel. Then you're ready to go! No fancy tools needed.

Here we sell pizza peels for all needs, so take a look and see what suits you.