Collection: Tomatoes

In Sweden, we often don't take tomatoes very seriously, but in Naples, it's no joke. Just like we talk about different potato varieties, their texture, taste, and uses, there's a world of different tomatoes with unique qualities. 

In our webshop, we've gathered the most important tomatoes for pizza baking and more. We've especially chosen to sell the best, because there's no point in selling the same thing as your local grocery store - not that we would anyway; our stuff is undoubtedly better :) 

As many probably know, the San Marzano tomato is the king of tomatoes, and it's often the choice for a really good Pizza Napoletana. Besides having a fantastic taste, San Marzano tomatoes have the perfect texture for pizza. 

The tomato is slightly more watery with a softer flesh, and the color is lighter than regular Mutti tomatoes. This is perfect for a Margherita, for example, which you want a bit messy and not dry and boring. 

Besides our range of San Marzano tomatoes, we sell some other carefully selected tomatoes. They are exclusively the best of the best - to die for - and definitely deserve to be tried. Exactly which tomatoes are offered changes depending on the quality of the latest harvest, but Gustarosso's products are always with us since they are always outstanding and made with 100% love.