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San Marzano (2500g) - Terramagna

San Marzano (2500g) - Terramagna

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Before we managed to convince Terramagna to make 400-gram cans for us, these were the only ones we had access to. In other words, Terramagna's tomatoes are highly sought after, and one has to work for their allocation.

Together with Gustarosso's tomatoes, Terramagna is one of our biggest favorites. The difference between the various tomatoes lies mainly in the juice content of this year's harvest, where Terramagna is slightly juicier. Besides that, Terramagna is fantastically delicious, and it has a nice color and texture as well as the right sweetness and acidity.

If you eat a lot of pizza and know you want tomatoes that do the job, just go ahead with such a giant can. PS: It's not gluttony, it's economic :)

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