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Pizza shovel for Ooni

Pizza shovel for Ooni

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We have designed this pizza shovel to fit exactly Ooni ovens that measure 12 inches; i.e. ovens with an approximately 30 cm wide opening. The reason why we chose to make these is because the ones we have seen on the market were too expensive or simply too expensive.

Wooden pizza shovels may need some break-in time to reach their full potential, but once they're there, nothing beats them. There is probably nothing more to say than that this is nice in the hand and does the job well. Then the fact that it doesn't cost that much doesn't hurt.

It comes with some sandpaper that you use to polish the spade until it becomes really slippery on its own. This is a must for maximum sliding and easiest pizza baking. Of course it is also Made in Falkenberg .


  • Length: 70 cm
  • Width: 31.4 cm
  • Handle length: 38 cm
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