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All our pasta comes from Gragnano which is a little south of Naples. Here the dry pasta was born and here it is still considered the best.
There are quite a few pasta makers in Gragnano, but we have chosen to sell Il Mulino di Gragnano because they are a smaller producer with whom we share a lot of philosophy and geekery. Great place to simply hang out.
This is reflected in the pasta, and of course they have control over all steps in the production from grain to loaf, so to speak.
We believe that Il Mulino's pasta is the best of all that we have tasted (and we have tried most of them) from Gragnano, but as usual, that is only our opinion. You can decide for yourself.

Another advantage of Il Mulino is their nice packaging. Durable and easy to open and close without everything sliding out into the cupboards.

ATTENTION! It should also be added that all the pasta we sell is of course without grooves!!!! Pasta with grooves can never be perfectly evenly cooked as it is thicker in some places and thinner in others...... Il Mulino's pasta is so perfectly made that it absorbs the sauce like a magnet even without grooves.

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