Pizza med 'nduja

'Nduja - Spreadable "salami" for pizza and more

Many people might not have much variation with their pizza proteins. This could be the perfect time to try something that many overlook: 'Nduja - also known as spreadable salami. 

In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about this intriguingly flavored Southern Italian delicacy, including what it tastes like and how to use it on pizza.

What is 'Nduja?

'Nduja originated from the town of Spilinga in Calabria, Italy. It was initially meant to be a way of preserving and utilizing surplus pork, but it has become a crucial part of the Southern Italian cuisine. As mentioned, 'Nduja is often referred to as spreadable salami or sausage, which is exactly what it is.

The exact ingredients depend on the recipe, but 'Nduja always contains pork fat, pork meat, and sun-dried Calabrian chili pepper. Often, different spices, herbs, and other things are added to influence the outcome, but it's primarily the chili pepper that gives it its distinct flavor. 

What you get from this mix of ingredients plus a smoking process is a spicy, spreadable sausage that works well with many dishes, including pizza.

'Nduja for pizza

'Nduja on pizza packs a powerful punch, especially on a milder pizza like a Margherita. The sausage's sharp spiciness creates a pizza experience that many probably haven't encountered if they've only eaten standard Swedish pizzas. Plus, 'Nduja lends a professional touch to the pizza with its unique appearance. 

It's straightforward to use 'Nduja on pizza: spread the cheese and tomato sauce on your rolled-out dough, and then add a small amount of 'Nduja evenly distributed. And you're done! Now all that's left to do is bake your pizza. 

The spreadable consistency makes the distribution very smooth, and of course, there is plenty of room to experiment with different ingredient combinations. 

'Nduja for Other Uses

Even though we mostly love 'Nduja on pizza, it can be used in many other dishes. 

  • It's excellent in many simple pasta dishes where 'Nduja adds a kick; for example, pasta with 'Nduja and a good tomato sauce.
  • It can also deliciously accompany a good loaf of bread. Our favorite combo here might be a mozzarella panini with 'Nduja, where you'd happily also use some rocket salad (arugula). 
  • The last tip may be a bit unexpected, but 'Nduja and tapenade complement each other well with their saltiness, heat, and acidity. So, if you like tapenade, this is a must-try combination. 

Lilla Napoli's 'Nduja

We think 'Nduja is excellent, so it's a no-brainer for us to offer it in our web shop. Our 'Nduja is named 'Nduja di Splinga. We have carefully selected it. Here you get a 'Nduja with a balanced flavor but with a noticeable heat. The ingredients are also high quality, and the distinctive red color is exactly what you're looking for. 

Is 'Nduja for You? 

'Nduja is a delicacy with a unique flavor profile that, for some reason, isn't used by many in Sweden. That's a shame, because it's so incredibly easy to use and the taste is delicious. 

Are you intrigued to try 'Nduja? Maybe on pizza, bread, or something else entirely? Then you are warmly welcome to order our 'Nduja di Splinga.
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