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Once you try FAMAG, you'll never go back - The Dough Mixer Guide

A really good dough mixer is something we think all at least slightly enthusiastic pizza bakers should have. It not only makes the job easier, it also makes the results better. That's why it's kind of a no-brainer :)

A dough mixer that does a crazy good job is especially important if you want the very best results, or if you're working with more tricky doughs like biga.

Here at Lilla Napoli, we only sell dough mixers from FAMAG, because they are the best. In this text we will go through why we think this is the case, and you will also be able to read about the two that we offer.

Why you need an awesome dough mixer

To start with, let's quickly go through why you even need a good dough mixer. After all, most people just use whatever happens to be in the cupboard at home.

A really good dough mixer simply makes pizza baking easier and more fun. For starters, a good dough mixer leads to more consistent results, which is a must for people like us. If you use a lousy mixer or mix by hand, you won't be as precise, and then the dough won't rise uniformly (even if it doesn't always do that with one of these either…)

Then you can achieve a completely different level of gluten development with a good mixer, especially as it has much faster functions. This in turn makes it easier to adjust the strength of the dough, which we always emphasize. Gluten development greatly affects elasticity and airiness.

If you want to work with indirect doughs like biga, which many do now that it has become so popular, we would say a mixer of FAMAG's quality is a must. A good mixer also seriously upgrades your flow, making everything even more fun.

Why we love FAMAG - FAMAG Grilletta review

We have chosen to only sell dough mixers from FAMAG, because they are the best. These are professional mixers that fit in the kitchen, and there are many reasons why we like them so much.

  • Quality: FAMAG's dough mixers are really well built while they deliver awesome and even results. Made in Italy might be the best seal of approval for stuff like this...

  • Features: These dough mixers have 10 different speeds, which means that you can completely adapt how you want the dough to develop, with everything from super slow to extremely fast. This means that you can achieve a completely different airiness in the dough than with a regular mixer.

  • Noise level: Even though we're not always very quiet, a low noise level is quite pleasant - especially when cooking at home. We don't keep track of the decibels or anything like that, but these dough mixers are without doubt quieter than most. Some sound more like hammer drills than dough mixers after all.

  • Appearance: It may be what's inside that counts, but appearance still matters. These dough mixers are gorgeous if you ask us, so your friends will probably be jealous.Then again, the price tag is a bit steep, so the sleek look makes it easier to justify the purchase :)

Our dough mixers from FAMAG - Fixed vs detachable bowl

FAMAG's Grilletta is the dough mixer we've been talking about the whole time. If you haven't understood the point yet, this is simply the best dough mixer for home use.

We sell two different dough mixers from FAMAG, but both are from the same series. The first one is the Grilletta with a detachable bowl. You can easily remove the bowl for cleaning, to clean the mixer to perfection. It costs more than the one with a fixed bowl, but it's the best choice for those who want everything sparkling clean.

FAMAG's Grilletta with a fixed bowl is a bit cheaper, but you can't remove the bowl. Good to know is that 99% of professional mixers have a fixed bowl like this one, so you'll definitely get by with one like this. But the choice is entirely up to you of course :)

Time to upgrade your kitchen's dough mixer game?

A good dough mixer is something for all home pizza bakers, at least if you ask us. We only sell dough mixers from the well-known FAMAG, because you can't find better mixers than theirs.

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