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Baking steel/pizza steel - 0.8x35x40cm

Baking steel/pizza steel - 0.8x35x40cm

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For a regular home oven that does not reach more than 300°. Works both for baking bread and pizza. It is made of completely ordinary steel, just like all other baking steels, pizza steel or whatever you want to call it.
In a home oven, steel is better than stone for both bread and pizza. The reason is that the steel conducts heat faster into the bottom, which you especially want at the start for both bread and pizza. It gives a better lift and swoosh.
The fact that the steel conducts heat better also means that it is faster to heat up.

Length 35cm
Width 40cm
Thickness: 8mm

Warning Warning!! The baking steel is made of steel and therefore weighs 8kg. It's kind of the whole point that it weighs a little so you store heat in it :)


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