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Vermiculite plate (to cool the oven floor)

Vermiculite plate (to cool the oven floor)

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Having trouble with your first pizzas getting burnt on the bottom? Then you should try one of these vermiculite plates. Working with this is like day and night, and in the video below you can see exactly how to use it. The size is 33x33 cm.

To put it simply, you put this plate in the oven where you plan to bake the pizza. Let it sit there for a few minutes, and the floor "cools" down. Then just take it out and carry on as usual.

We use this plate ourselves every day, because the first pizzas would otherwise get a burnt, bitter bottom. It doesn't matter if we have the perfect floor for baking pizza in under 1 minute, they would have burnt anyways... So get this if you want to avoid that!

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