Pizza med 'nduja

'Nduja - Unique, tasty and smooth

There are probably many people who have low variation in their protein on the pizza. Then it might be a good time to try something that is overlooked by many: 'Nduja - also known as spreadable salami.

In this article you will find out everything you need to know about this taste-wise very exciting southern Italian delicacy; including how it tastes and how to get it on the pizza.

What is 'Nduja?

'Nduja is originally from the town of Spilinga in Calabria, Italy. Originally intended as a way to preserve and use up excess pork, it has become an important part of southern Italian cuisine. As mentioned, 'Nduja is often called spreadable salami or spreadable sausage, which is exactly what it is.

The exact ingredients depend on the recipe, but 'Nduja is always made with pork fat, pork meat and sun-dried Caliber chili peppers. Then various spices, herbs and other things are often added to influence the result, but it is above all the chili pepper that accounts for the characteristic taste.

What you get from this mixture of ingredients plus a smoking is a spicy, spreadable sausage that goes well with many things, not least pizza.

'Nduja for pizza

'Nduja on pizza adds a powerful kick, especially on a milder pizza like a Margherita. The sharp spiciness of the sausage creates a pizza experience that many have probably not experienced if they only ate regular Swedish pizzas. In addition, 'Nduja gives the pizza a professional touch with its unique appearance.

It's very easy to use 'Nduja on pizza: put the cheese and tomato sauce on the rolled out dough, then take a small amount of 'Nduja and spread it evenly. And there you were done! Now it's just a matter of driving the pizza into the oven.

The spreadable consistency makes distribution very smooth, and of course there is plenty of room to experiment with different combinations of ingredients.

'Nduja to other things

Although we especially love 'Nduja on pizza, it can be used for a lot of other cooking.

  • It goes perfectly with many simpler pasta dishes where 'Ndujan gives a kick; for example pasta with 'Nduja and a good tomato sauce.
  • A lovely bread and 'Nduja also go hand in hand. Our favorite here might be the mozzarella panini with 'Nduja, where you can also use a little arugula.
  • The last tip is perhaps a bit off-putting, but 'Nduja and tapenade go very well with the saltiness, the heat and the sourness. So if you like tapenade, this is a bit of a must try.

Little Napoli's 'Nduja

We think 'Nduja is awesome, and it is therefore a matter of course for us to offer it in our webshop. Our 'Nduja is called 'Nduja di Splinga , and we have chosen it carefully. Here you get a 'Nduja with a balanced taste while still having a noticeable heat. The ingredients are also of high quality, and the characteristic red color is exactly what you are looking for.

Is 'Nduja for you?

'Nduja is a delicacy with a very special flavor profile that for some reason is not used by many in Sweden. It's a shame, because it's so extremely easy to use and the taste is so amazingly good.

Have you been tempted to try 'Nduja? Maybe on pizza, bread or something completely different? Then you are most welcome to order home our 'Nduja di Splinga .
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