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Caputo Pizzeria (the standard flour no1)

Caputo Pizzeria (the standard flour no1)

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Molino Caputo is the only mill located in Naples. Their Caputo Pizzeria is the origin of most other Neapolitan pizza flours. The standard so to speak. Is it still the flour most used in Naples' pizzerias, even if others enter the market. That being said, it's not better than others just because! Caputo Pizzeria gives a certain result and many like it but some like something else better.

A strange thing is that 1 kg bags are red while 25 kg bags are blue. Just want to say that the content is the same. Only the bag that differs in colour.

Nerd info (explanations can be found in this link):
W 260/270
Direct dough
Type 00
This is the flour we used in the dough recipe in our book so no changes need to be made.

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