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Lilla Napoli

Ir thermometer -30° - 850°

Ir thermometer -30° - 850°

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Actually, the most important thing about the thermometer is that you can clearly see where you are pointing the laser and that it has a very clear display that is visible even in strong sunlight. It reaches 850 degrees celcius max and is accurate in measurements. It is important not to have an Ir thermometer that goes below 550 degrees in any case, as the floor sometimes exceeds this temperature and you have to keep the heating up a bit. If you can't measure over 500° then you can't know how long you have to wait before the floor is fit for fight!! Our thermometer reaches 850°, which we think is super important because then it can measure the temperature everywhere in the oven, even the ceiling, because it's good to know simply. We hate question marks.

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