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Molino Pizzuti "Costa d'Amalfi"

Molino Pizzuti "Costa d'Amalfi"

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There is only one mill in Naples, but Molino Pizzuti can almost be said to be in Naples. After all, Battipaglia is only 45 minutes away. Costa d'Amalfi is a flour that is often used for indirect doughs such as Biga, for example. A strong flour for high edges and a lot of swoosh. A bit of a curiosity is that when we visited the mill for the first time 5 years ago, the ADHD kicked in in the middle of a meeting and we had to just leave the room for a run in the middle of everything. By the way, the flour is great and a favourite when it comes to puff pastry.

Nerd info
W 280-320
Direct dough
Type 00
Add less water compared to our book recipe. Try 2% less to start with.
(explanations can be found in this link):

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